Healing Wounded Thought

Jim Pehkonen

We live in a world of wounded human thoughts. These are thoughts that arise out of trauma or drama associated with past experiences we live as reality. Time may heal our physical wounds, but our wounded thoughts endure and only get worse as time goes on.

As I look down at my stomach, I see a line of red flesh. It is the scar that is a reminder of where they cut out my cancer. When this wound first appeared a year ago, it was incredibly painful. Walking was tough, yet the doctor told me the more I walked, the quicker my physical wounds would heal. I was up walking within six hours after my kidney was removed. Within 12 hours I was doing laps around Huntsman Cancer Institute. Time has healed this wound to where the only time it really flares up is while I’m doing core exercises in my body-pump class. It has healed, yet will always serve as a reminder to the removal of a cancerous tumor.

Wounded thoughts are much different. If you have ever had a deep trauma, oftentimes they stick around and are opened on a regular basis. These wounded thoughts lead to addictive behaviors or chemical addictions. And when people attempt to get clean from the result of these wounded thoughts, they can often deal with the result of the trauma, attempting to stop the addictive behaviors or drug use. Until they heal at the level of thought, they most likely will simply return to the numbing behavior.

Awareness is the only thing that can begin to heal a wounded thought — awareness of the ongoing story that has been created and then lived as real.

A very common wounded thought is not seeing one’s self as beautiful or worthwhile. In the group work I do, often times individuals will share that they are ugly and worthless. As they believed they were ugly and worthless, oftentimes they would create their world believing this. Their behavior creates behavior that reinforces this thought. They may select the “wrong partner,” someone who abuses and neglects them. These people reinforce these thoughts that then deepen the low self-esteem they feel.

As this low self-esteem grows, the behaviors which reinforce the wounded thought get stronger, until there is so much pain that often people turn to drugs and alcohol in an attempt to numb the pain. Out of using, their life usually takes a very negative turn. The wounded thought festers and destroys their life. As a result of this, there is often an attempt to get clean and heal. Just taking the drugs or alcohol away usually can be done for a time, yet unless the wounded thought is healed they are bound to relapse.

Not only does time deepen the wound, events also reinforce the false validity of the wounded thought. The moment you gain awareness on the impact of the wounded thought, you can begin to heal.

Healing is acceptance of the impact of living life as though the thought is only a thought, and not real. Seeing how events after the initial event impacted life and reinforced the wounded thought can have you see that the story created is simply not true. The moment you begin to see a story as possibly not true, you can see the impact of this story.

Awareness is the first step in healing. Acceptance frees you and begins healing your wounded thoughts.

First, it is time to accept what has happened. With acceptance of what has happened as a result of a story you created, you can begin to let go of that old story. Also look to where this story has branched into other stories that impacted your wounded thought.

Once you have let go of your old story, you are free to create a new story. Maybe it is time to be courageous, successful, loving, and accepting. Imagine the life you can created and live as a result of any one of these thoughts being the new story you create to empower your life.

Awareness note: Oftentimes seeing and realizing the impact of the stories associated with your wounded thought takes effort. Our minds are often so deep in our story that to achieve healing you require strong guidance and concerted effort.

If you have wounded thoughts, it is time to become aware of them and their impact. Through awareness, begin the work to accept and see the places your life has been impacted. Through acceptance and forgiveness of self, begin to create a new story.

Our lives are intended to be amazing and incredible. The only thing stopping you is a thought wound.

Today is day one to healing!

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