Let Your Pumpkin Fly!

Jim Pehkonen

All Hallows’ Eve is upon us! It’s a time of fall festivals, of dressing up in costumes, and the young among us going from house to house tonight to fill up their buckets and bags with candy goodies!

Halloween has come to be one of my favorite times of the year. It is the last celebration before the holiday season is upon us. This year we went to a 14-acre corn maze that had the corn seeds planted by a GPS system that created a beautiful aerial map when viewed from above. The rows were straight and tall and the paths were well-defined.

For me, this is also the time of intense recharge. In the industry I work in, the addiction recovery centers have already begun filling. Over the weekend I opened the doors to a course on dealing with the stresses that arise in the next 60 days.

At our corn maze, we got fresh pumpkins. Not just the normal orange pumpkins, we also got some “warty” pumpkins. These are grown such that blistering nodules appear on the side of the pumpkins. They look so incredibly cool — a different look from traditional pumpkins.

In a world that strives to be a typical orange pumpkin, I strive to be the unique and different pumpkin! I am my own pumpkin!

Are you your own unique pumpkin?

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