Completing 2016

2017 is almost here. Are you ready to let 2016 go? One of the most powerful ways to complete the year is with a completion ceremony – a way to release that which you hold.

Have you ever completed a Completion Ceremony? It allows you to let go of everything to create a clean slate for 2017? From a clean slate, free from the baggage of the past that drags you down, emerges the ability to have your dreams become reality.

Are you ready to complete 2016?

If you have not, here is the link for the completion ceremony.

This year, what if you take a brand new approach to how you create the year? You can by creating an intention and in being with your intention, you powerfully move forward in your intention.

Many seek to “get somewhere.” By living in intention, you acknowledge there is nowhere to “get” to. You are here, and here is the perfect space to be.

Many create New Year’s Resolutions. As discussed in a previous writing, these will be dead for most by the end of January.

So embrace the place, space, and the grace to choose who you get to be in the upcoming year and write it out. Have it become alive in the world by writing it out so it is out of your head and real in your world.

This year, who do you choose to be?

Maybe you choose to be action. You have some things you would like to have completed and being in action will have that happen.

Maybe you choose to be presence. Can you see where you have been living in the future or in the past? In living in either of these places, you are not experiencing the life you have right now, in this moment. When you get presence now, you can see the amazing life that is available to you.

Maybe you choose peace. The question arises – what stand between you and peace? Whatever it is, it is a story. Hopefully this story was cleared in the completion process. Choosing peace is letting go of the stories and being in peace.

Maybe you choose love. What stands between you and loving yourself in a sacred and honorable way? Love is the original state of being and often the place people seek the most to return to; it is a thought away.

Maybe you choose possibility. The completion exercise had you let go of everything and in this moment you realize that a dream you once had is now possible again. It’s time to have that dream become a reality.

Maybe you choose trust. Trusting yourself again. Trusting God or your Higher Power again. The completion ceremony has opened up the space to trust again, and you powerfully step into trust.

Maybe you choose courage. The story that was completed in your completion ceremony was such that you have courage to take on something that really means something. Step into courage in 2016; presence has courage seem possible!

Maybe you choose something not listed here. Write it out. And then use the journaling process to have it become real in your life. It may be daily or weekly; have it be real in your life.

2017 is going to be an incredible year. Next week we are going to have you look toward your personal guru that will have these intentions become real in the world! Until then, take time and create your intention(s) for 2017.

With a little work, you can prepare for a Happy New Year!

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